about Vintagecassette

Vintagecassette.com is an initiative by Dutch audio enthousiast Wouter Heijke. The initial idea for the site came in 2003 after he had already maintained the successful site Naks.com for more then 4 years.

Where the focus of Naks.com was mainly cassette decks made by the Nakamichi brand, Wouter saw that there was a need to compare Nakamichi cassette decks to similar high-end decks by other brands. While working on a new technical design for Naks.com, MkII, he was also thinking of comparing different cassette decks and adding other Nakamichi products, this led to a real product database design. Having this design, the next step was obvious so the idea for Vintagecassette.com was born. Naks.com 1999

It took another 3 years until www.vintagecassette.com finally went live. The work on Naks.com MkII took a lot of Wouter's free time.

While the specifications of Naks.com MkII kept growing, the idea for Vintagecassette.com was to keep it simple, brands, products and features. Around that time Wouter had gained quite some professional experience with the MMBase framework and so he decided the new architecture of both www.naks.com and www.vintagecassette.com should use this framework. The object model, the product database, was implemented in the framework and a first rough design of Naks.com MkII was made with it. After finding many technical difficulties with implementing all the specifications he made for Naks.com MkII he decided to postpone the work and change what was there to become the first (beta) version of Vintagecassette.com.

Naks.com MKII

Vintagecassette.com went live on June 28th 2006.

The website was meeting the KISS (keep it short and simple) specifications Wouter made up. While far from finished the site gained populatiry fast. The main task for Wouter from now on was to fill the database with products, cassette decks, images and specifications. Until today there are many incomplete products in the database or missing at all. A good source for missing products was Ebay and also contributions from visitors helped a lot.


On 28 March 2012 version 1.0 of the website was launched.

The main changes where that the site was not marked 'beta' anymore. Several technical improvements and bug fixes were applied.

vintagecassette beta

Currently Wouter is working on a major upgrade to the website. New features will make it possible to (finally) migrate Naks.com to it's MkII(I) form and will enrich the user experience.