Nakamichi Classic Logo
  • Nakamichi 582

  • Discrete Head Cassette Deck

  • MSRP $890
  • 1979 - 1981
3 HeadDolby B NRWired Remote ControlMetal Tape
Nakamichi 582
Compact Cassette
  • Pressure pad lifter
  • Double Capstan
  • Silent Mechanism
  • Asymmetrical Dual Capstans
  • Diffused-Resonance Transport
  • IC Logic
  • Discrete 3-Head Technology

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My first Nak, a 582
After years of dreaming finally bought my first Nakamichi 1996, a N582!
December 21st it happened, found it second hand in the center of Amsterdam in the Red Light District. It amazed me immediately, what tapes it made! I brought it to Transtec to be serviced and it returned performing even better. Once I got the calibration to work the quality of tapes improved even more, I was hooked forever and more Naks followed and I got the idea for ....