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  • Nakamichi 582Z

  • Discrete Head Cassette Deck

  • MSRP $1250
  • 1981
3 HeadDolby B NRDolby C logoWired Remote ControlMetal Tape
Nakamichi 582Z
Compact Cassette
  • Pressure pad lifter
  • Double Capstan
  • Asymmetrical Dual Capstans
  • Diffused-Resonance Transport
  • IC Logic
  • Discrete 3-Head Technology
  • Silent Mechanism

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Z edition
My first Nak was a 582, I still have it.
This 582z I found on was sold broken, something with the transport appeared to be wrong according to the seller. I received the unit today went over it and it appeared the 2 crucial lights were dead. The first light is the light on the stop-button, if it's broken the unit doesn't function at all! The 2nd light was the auto-shutoff light, if this one is broken the unit stops playing after a second, crucial as well! Then there was the controlcam belt, another common problem on Naks with the classic transport, if this one is worn the transport doesn't function as fast as it should or doesn't function at all in this case.... After fixing these problems (cost less than 5 euro's) the unit is playing wonderful again! This makes me remember how nice these 582 units are!