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  • Nakamichi 700 / 700 Tri-Tracer

  • 3 Head Cassette System

  • MSRP $850
  • 1973 - 1977
Dolby B NRWired Remote Control3 Head
Nakamichi 700 Tri-Tracer
Compact Cassette
  • Double Capstan
  • Tri-Tracer

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My ol reliable gal-the 700 tri-tracer
I have to admit that i've lusted after others..i've heard of the intense pleasure that the exotic, high priced models give;delights beyond all comparison.
My tri-tracer came to me simple, unassuming -asking nothing but to be loved and appreciated.A poor man,i took her in, yet i was disdainful of her and desirious of something more beautiful,more pleasurable. Virtuous was she ,and had integrity, and was the kind a man could rely on. No, she was not fact rather plain,but many of lonely nights she pleased me with delights so pleasurable and intense that they are memories i treasure still. Yet i wanted more,i was scornful of her :i wanted those models that the others loved and treasured,and delighted in.I hated her simplistic spartan features.I despised her unsophisticated a fit of rage I put her on the shelf. Lost and searching i began to ask others about their exotic beauties.One by one the response was the same.."she is beautiful beyond all compare they would say-and the ultimate in sensual delight,but she is temperamental, her demands are insatiable...i have spent a fortune keeping her up,and still she is not satisfied. a DRAGON she is, and will consume you thoroughly and when you have given her everything-then she will quit you..then if you spend a fortune she will come back..but for how long? Sad,dejected, i went home confused and empty.Alone in the corner i saw a flash..a glint...a glimmer as i turned my head. it was a faint "sheen'.Even through the dust she was calling me. She was saying " i will be faithful and true to you, and i wont ask you for any thing in return. I will give you pleasure for years and years! Look at me-yes,no beauty am I,and i cannot dance like my younger sister,but i promise you that if you appreciate me, and thats all i ask,that i will reward you Faithfully.