Gold plated RCA connectors (by Wouter Heijke)

Found a direct gold-plated replacement for the ordinary RCA connectors.

This modification was tested on CR-1 and CR-2 but may also work on DR-2, DR-3, DR-8, Cassette Deck 1.5 and Cassette Deck 2 but with a different Pin Jack P.C.B. Ass'y. Other models in these series already have gold plated connectors.

The original situation

Standard RCA input / output connectors on a CR-2E in this case.

The situation on the inside

The red piece of plastic is the RCA unit on top sits the Pin Jack P.C.B. Ass'y.


Now the 6 connections of the RCA unit have to be desoldered and by removing one screw on the back in the center of the 4 connectors you can move the entire unit.


... And take out the RCA unit...

Old vs New

The two parts next to each other, left the original part, on the right the gold plated replacement part.


Now the reverse operation...


... Place the new unit in it's place, solder the 6 connections to the P.C.B.

Finishing up

And connect the center screw again.

The end result, BLING!

The luxurious end situation, gold plated output RCA connectors on a CR-2E!

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