Repair for broken mounting posts (by Willy Hermann)
on the Nakamichi "classic transport"

The original situation

This is the classic transport with good mounting posts.

The problem

This transport had the mounting post broken in shipment. Usually the left posts break and the right posts stay in place.

The parts

These are the parts necessary for the repair.

  • Two each #6 flat washer
  • #6 star washer
  • 1" 6x32 phillips head bolt
  • 3/8" 6x32 phillips head bolt
  • 3/8" 6x32 threaded standoff

Step 1

Drill through the remaining nylon standoff first with a 7/64" bit to clear the center then a 9/64" bit.

Step 2

Insert the 1" bolt in the hole and thread on the standoff.

Step 3

Mount the transport in the chassis with the remaining hardware.

Step 4

Mount the flat washer against the chassis and the star washer against the head of the 3/8" bolt.

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