• Sony TC-D5M

  • Stereo Cassette-Corder

  • MSRP $680
  • 1979 - 1980
Dolby B NRMetal Tape
Sony TC-D5M
Compact Cassette
  • Capstan Servo Control
  • Sendust & Ferrite Head

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Sony TC-D5M
The TC-D5M is not only the finest portable cassette deck ever made, but it can still hold its own against modern digital field recorders.
The microphone preamplifiers are so good that I still use them with my digital equipment. The analog recordings are good enough that I still use this machine as my main field recorder. The frequency response is 20-19000 with metal tape. My high-speed reel to reel makes better recordings, but it is not portable. With my Sony ECM-989 professional mid-side microphone, I can make orchestra recordings on location with the D5 that rival my Philips CD recorder in every way except noise floor. The best thing about these machines is that they use 2 D cell batteries, so you can keep cheap backup power on location. At the time, they were expensive, but I have used mine for 25 years and it still works like new. I make great recordings on location and then swap to digital.