• Sony TC-K555

  • Stereo Cassette Deck

  • MSRP $430
  • 1982 - 1985
Dolby B NRDolby C logo3 HeadMetal TapeWired Remote Control
Sony TC-K555
Compact Cassette
  • 3 Head
  • Closed Loop Dual Capstan
  • Sendust & Ferrite Head
  • BSL Motor
  • Dolby B-C Type Noise Reduction System
  • Linear Counter
  • Peak Program Meter

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Sony TC-K555
I'm the original owner of a TC-K555 bought new in Nov. 1982. It's still going strong and has never needed service.
I really don't make any new recordings on cassette anymore but this deck takes good care of my hundreds of recorded cassettes and plays them perfectly, including those that are more than 35 years old and recorded on another Sony deck (TC-186SD) and an even older Superscope deck (CD-302A). I paid a little extra for Maxell and TDK blank cassettes back in the day and they're still paying dividends. Regular maintenance is the key. I still use a Discwasher head cleaning cassette and their capstan and pinch roller cleaner cassette. I also use a TDK head demagnetizer cassette -- just replaced the button battery in it for the first time in nearly 30 years. For the cassettes themselves, the 3 keys to longevity are: 1. Store them vertically so the tape packs aren't able to sag; 2. Store them played out -- don't rewind them after playing; 3. Avoid fast forward and rewind as much as possible, no matter how good the transport on your deck is. I have plenty of modern, digital equipment in the home theater system in my family room. But to listen to music, especially the type I grew up with in the 70s and 80s, I prefer my office system. Along with the Sony deck, I have a Kenwood KA-9100 integrated amp (bought new in 1978), Pioneer TX-9500 II tuner (1977) and Dual 601 turntable (1976). The speakers are newer and smaller to fit the room -- pair of 5-inch satellites with dome tweeters and a 12" passive subwoofer -- but the combinations sounds just great. Components from the 70s and 80s, especially higher end ones, were built for just music and they were built WELL.