• Sony TC-K71

  • Stereo Cassette Deck

  • MSRP $450
  • 1980
Dolby B NR3 HeadMetal TapeWired Remote Control
Sony TC-K71
Compact Cassette
  • 3 Head
  • Closed Loop Dual Capstan
  • Sendust & Ferrite Head
  • BSL Motor

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TC-K71 Review
Clean lines, full logic control and a full discrete 3 head block makes this deck a very solid performer.
Some interesting notes on this player is the head block. It has separate adjustments for all 3 heads for azimuth, depth and angle. It comes in 2 versions with the older version using Sony sourced heads (?) while the latter version using Canon sourced heads. Im not sure if the latter Canon sourced heads were discrete or not as the diagram shows what looks to be a sandwich head mounted in the original block. It has a variable 5 step dial that controls both the headphone and RCA output levels, there is no seperate headphone volume control. This differs from my Akai GX-M50 as that only varies the headphone level. The indirect "light tube" backlight is quite dim, but the LED bar graph is very nice with a very fast sampling rate. It employs a 'punch in' record feature that allows you to dub in content on the fly by simply pressing the record button while playing. It has a 1 motor-2 belt drive mechanism that employs 2 identical 8.5" flat belts to drive dual capstans via 2 heavy flywheels. The motor drives 1 flywheel which in turn drives another via a 1:1 ratio belt. Supply reel tension is controlled by an adjustable spring mounted drag lever mechanism. A brake pawl controls supply reel during mode changes. The 2nd motor of the "2-motor" design is used for head block operation. a third square belt operates the FFW/RWD functions and a 4th belt operates the counter with its integral auto stop sensor. If the counter belt fails, the deck will auto stop on all functions after about 1 second.